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Please do not discuss your opinions; no one should know what you believe. Adopt the site's tone and style: simple, blunt, precise, direct, plain, to-the-point. Include only the absolutely necessary context, and eliminate jargon. Content that is convincing, rhetorical, persuasive, elegant, evocative or embellished may be removed.

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Welcome to Argumentrix. Here, we explain the arguments and counter-arguments that underlie scientific, economic, social, cultural, religious and political debates. Each argument in this wiki is distilled into a series of direct statements like governments should prohibit cannabis and governments should recognize both opposite and same sex marriages. In order to keep Argumentrix simple, to-the-point and conflict-free, we do not provide historical context, in-depth explanations or easy-to-understand summaries of ideas. Instead, we will link freely to Wikipedia and other sources for background information, and keep Argumentrix tightly focused on providing an explanation of what people believe and why.

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You can see a complete list of all arguments that are currently in the database in Category:Arguments.

  • For more information on how to format an argument, see the sample argument Widgets are superior to hardtack. If you do not attempt to follow the very specific format laid out there, your contributions are likely to be removed. There are numerous places online to share your opinions, and this is not one of them. This is a place to examine arguments in an organized and logical way. That doesn't mean we're unfriendly to newbies - the format is very easy to learn, and people don't mind fixing formatting errors. Just don't treat this as a place to spout off as you like; it is a very specific project with a specific purpose.
  • This wiki is freely licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike License.
  • Editing Argumentrix is not for everyone. You must be able to make fair assessments of what a person believes even what it runs contrary to what you believe. This can be both intellectually and emotionally difficult. Do not participate if seeing offensive opinions bothers you. Do not participate if you are here to promote a specific idea or ideology – you must be participating because you want to contribute to the general universal understanding of arguments, including those that you disagree with. If you are here to promote your own beliefs or correct knowledge only of the arguments you agree with, please do not participate.
  • Argumentrix is very simple, and the content is presented in very digestible chunks: brief statements of beliefs and definitions of terms. That's it. We will link to other sources, especially other wikis, for more context and explanations. It is not a one-stop shop for information on any topic.
  • Each page in Argumentrix represents an argument, which is very specific. We will not let pages contain points not directly related to proving or disproving the titular argument.
  • We can be very detail-oriented, and exhaustively analyze each point. We can drill down as specifically as needed and examine claims about particular fossils, historical texts or philosophical issues.
  • Wikipedia's NPOV can make editing difficult as text must constantly be adjusted to reflect new information and new viewpoints. We write each argument as though it were true, and each argument is it's own page. So once there is a widespread consensus that certain arguments are comprehensive, editing can die down, and vandalism can be prevented by requiring that changes be discussed first.
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